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We offer a range of recruitment services for businesses looking to bring on the best possible people. 


We provide real world career advice to Job Seekers through our social media pages, blog and careers advice web page.


We give Job Seekers the opportunity to go that step further and learn the proven insider techniques to getting hired. This can be accessed online in our easy to follow, step by step training programs.  


"I love to motivate people so they unlock their potential and achieve great things.  When people are empowered, they take action." 

Stacey Pike. Director

Online Training
for Job Seekers

Let us show you how to get ahead of the job hunting game! 

Latest Posts

Cover Letter Tips

The dreaded Cover Letter. It is a necessary part of the “applying for jobs” process and it generally comes second fiddle to its sibling the Resume. Does that mean we should not put as much effort in when putting together a Cover Letter? Not at all. Do Hiring Manager’s even read the Cover Letter? Probably…

Resume Tips for 2020

There’s a lot of advice out there when it comes to resumes. There is no need to get overwhelmed, nor is there a reason to go and spend hundreds of dollars getting it professionally done. Follow these tips for preparing a modern resume: KEEP IT SIMPLE This is my number one tip when it comes…

Why Applying for Jobs Online Doesn’t Work

It’s a bold statement, and to be fair, sometimes it does work. Nearly every Recruiter will post their vacancies online and a lot of companies will too. I know people that got into their current role by applying for a job online and I bet you do too. Here’s the thing; for every person that…

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