Spike Industries

What we can do for your Business

Our aim is to help businesses take the hassle out of sourcing employees.  

It takes a lot of time to hire employees. There is putting up a job ad, going through multiple applications, screening candidates, taking calls, interviewing and reference checking. It can cause frustration because this takes you away from what you should be focusing on.

We live in a time where there is a constant need to stay innovative and be at the forefront of the competition. That is why we go out of our way to understand the pressures that today’s businesses face.

We go through an extensive search process to ensure we have total confidence that the people we place in your business don’t just meet your current needs,  but have the capabilities to excel  and be a major contribution in the future success and growth of your company.

We commit to being transparent and honest throughout all stages of the recruitment process giving you peace of mind. Through our knowledge of the industries we recruit in and our commitment to quality, we know we can deliver a service that compliments your business.

Benefits of working with us:

Connecting you with people who have the capabilities to grow your business and promote a positive culture for your employer brand.

Access to our local, national and international network of candidates.

Having Employees that not only meet the technical brief but also share your company’s values

Ensuring a smooth onboarding process and welcoming integration with the existing workforce.

Having a stress free, enjoyable recruitment experience.

Decrease in staff turnover.

Ongoing assistance with Human Resources and employee support if required.

Having 100% confidence you have made the right hiring decision for the business.

Flexible payment terms

Instead of feeling overwhelmed when it comes to recruiting new personnel, give yourself the

competitive advantage by outsourcing your recruitment to Spike Industries. Call Stacey on 0433 387 010.