How to Find Your Special Talent (and Make Money With it)

By spikeindustries

With the Covid-19 outbreak currently causing panic and havoc across the globe, I have noticed a few positive stories coming through on businesses who have adapted their services to suit the current global crisis. Say for example I read about a catering company, who due to the ban on gatherings of more than 2 people, had events being cancelled left right and centre. So instead of just closing the doors on the business, they adapted and are now offering boxes of pre-cooked meals for those who are stuck at home self-isolating or in quarantine. This means that the kitchen has stayed open and the staff are still working. To me that is the definition of entrepreneurship. Now that is just one example of a business adapting. I’ve heard many more success stories.

Then I saw that Coles had received 36 000 job applications nationwide in 1 day (45 x times more than the daily average). So I thought, well if businesses can adapt, then individuals can too.

You see every single person I have interviewed in the last decade of being a Recruiter, had something they knew, or a skill they could provide that people would pay for – every single person. The problem is, that when you’re an expert in an area, you just presume that everyone knows what you know.

I’m not saying to stop applying for jobs online, but start asking yourself the question. “What do I know that may be useful to someone?” or “What service could I provide that someone may need?” By asking yourself these questions, the answers will come – and if you get stuck, ask someone that knows you well, to answer these questions for you. Start brainstorming.

I’m going to rattle of some ideas that came to my head, and obviously you need to do the research to make sure these things are all legal and you may need insurances etc, but if this can help one person struggling with money or bringing in an income, then this post has made a difference.

Tradies stuck at home in self-isolation – can you rent your tools out to local community members attempting all these DIY projects? Can you get projects delivered to you? Does someone want a cubby house built for their kids? Can a Carpenter build this at their house then get it transported over to the client’s house?

All you Engineers or Technical Specialists – There are always struggling Entrepreneurs out there; you could have the knowledge that could solve the missing link to their product or Design. Why don’t you advertise your services on social media and ask people to share? All it takes is that one person to see your post to have a win.

Beauticians or Hairdressers; can you put up online tutorials or private webinars, where people will pay for that one on one lesson with you?

If you are classed as “unskilled” in the workplace, then I bet you have an extraordinary talent in your personal life that someone out there needs – Photoshop editing, IT help, Mechanical help, fixing certain gadgets?

Anything is possible if you have enough guts and determination. If you are one of the lucky people who are still employed and have spare cash – look out for these people offering these services. More than likely someone will be advertising something you didn’t realise you needed until now, so go and support them.

If you have better ideas that what I have thrown together, then please type it under this post – let’s get creative!