What You Can do to Help Your Career (and Sanity) While You’re in Isolation

By spikeindustries

What you can do to help your career (and sanity) while you’re in isolation

So you’re stuck … I mean, safe at home in isolation.

As of yesterday, you have finished all the Netflix series that were on your watchlist. Perhaps you should just see if anymore announcements have been made by your State’s Pollies via your Facebook account. 20 minutes later you have gone cross-eyed from reading line graphs, you have signed a petition to get 5G towers scrapped and after seven minutes in of Scomo’s latest public briefing, you are now even more confused about the latest restrictions and whether you will cop a fine for heading down to the local Bunnings to pick up some brackets so you can finish putting the laundry shelves up.

The days can be long in isolation, but they don’t have to be wasted!

Think about all the times you have said “I would really love to learn … ”. This sentence is normally followed by “But I just don’t have time”. Well guess what? Now you have time!

Whether it be to learn a new language, or perhaps you want to brush up on your photography skills. Maybe you have an interest in broadening your knowledge in Project Management, Health & Safety or Contract Law; all of which could help you get that promotion at work you’ve been waiting for.

You may be restricted in your usual daily activities, but here and now is where you can make an important choice. The choice to share another Corona meme or ill researched Covid-19 fact on Facebook, or to expand your knowledge and skill set to really contribute to society for the greater good.

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